Achieve inner peace and full self-expression.

  • Let go of intrusive thoughts

  • Understand the ego

  • Expand beyond fear

  • Dismantle old belief systems

  • Be unstoppable

  • Re/build relationships and community 



meditation instruction

Because your mind is the command center of your life.


Because you are here to be a force of nature.

spiritual direction

Because your quantum self has big plans for your human self.

all rolled into one


1. Book your free consultation. (No obligation.)

2.  Talk to me about your dreams and desires.

3. Allow me to design a plan to get you there. 

4. If we both decide we’re a good match, you’ll register for your first session.


  • "Spiritual Experiments" AKA real-world homework assignments that will change your life

  • An audio recording of our conversation

  • Signature exercises for peace of mind that you won’t find anywhere else

  • Guided meditations on audio, available 24/7

  • Exact steps to be free of anxiety and fear

  • Email support

  • Fun surprises


$1200 per month for packages starting at three months of work together.





"I began working with Kassi at a dark time in my life when everything had turned upside down. I initially had some trepidations about working with a spiritual teacher to solve real problems. Aren't I a self-sufficient rationalist?! I soon learned that the frameworks Kassi applies are adaptable to anyone, of any belief (or non-belief) system.

As a result of developing a meditation practice and a practical spiritual life—both of which were totally foreign to me Before Kassi ("B.K.")—I now have a very awesome partner. 

Kassi is hilarious, wise, reliable, nonjudgmental, and inspiring, and has a singular ability to cut through my BS to get to the heart of the matter. I relish our sessions and look forward to them throughout the week. She has given me strategies for dealing with problems as they arise, and the capacity to dream bigger. 

Kassi will hold your feet to the fire with so much love and conviction in your powers that you will be thrilled and exhilarated to walk through that fire alongside her. I recommend enthusiastically Kassi to anyone who wants to do the hard work of excavating baggage and to feel the relief that comes from letting that shit go."

—Elizabeth Greenwood, author of Playing Dead: A Journey Through The World of Death Fraud, New York City


“When I reached out to Kassi, I was lost, confused, and extremely scared. Therapy wasn’t helping any more, I needed something deeper, but I didn’t know what. Reaching out to Kassi changed my life. During this dark night of the soul, she shepherded me through depression and fear without medication and with zero judgment.

Becoming her student catapulted me down my spiritual path at lightning speed. I wanted a road map to life, and she told me that there isn’t one—the map is inside of me.

Kassi helped me find my voice/intuition/inner goddess divine. She helped me feel empowered; for the first time in my life, I have faith that everything will be OK. Kassi will be your biggest cheerleader, and she’ll also cut through your bullshit like a hot knife through butter. No situation is hopeless. Your world has limitless possibilities, you just have to open your mind and heart to let them in. I can’t wait to continue working with Kassi to create breakthroughs in my career, creativity, finances, and love life. Fuck yeah!”

Meghan S., Designer, Los Angeles


"Kassi Underwood inspired me, and it hasn't left me since."

—Victoria K., Writer, Boston. Read about our conversation on grief, addiction, writing, creativity, careers, and the spiritual life in Victoria's personal essay, "Two Hours With Kassi Underwood Could Change Your Life." Click HERE


"Dearest Kassi!

I know we've had only one session so far, but my focus and outlook have been transformed! As you know, I'd been struggling for three years with feeling like my writing career could very well be over, or like it would be relegated to the realm of this "cute hobby" I do in my spare time. But I am back! I could not for the life of me figure out the roots of the blocks I'd been facing on my own, but you pulled my truth right out of me. The visualizations and meditation led me to such deep insights, and our work ended up revealing much deeper, underlying areas than just my career. You unlocked my whole identity and self-worth. In the first session! I cannot thank you enough for your insights and this self-discovery. Excited to keep going! You are a gift and a gem, wise one!"

Liza Monroy, author of Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon To Be On Fire, The Marriage Act, and Mexican High, Santa Cruz, CA

Jenn Swain.jpeg

"I spent the first couple of weeks after my abortion feeling very paralyzed and confused by the mix of emotions that I was feeling. It didn’t feel like anyone who was talking about abortion really understood or cared about what I was feeling. By some miracle, I found Kassi's book, May Cause Love, on Instagram one night. Two days later it arrived on my doorstep and I didn’t even get halfway through it before feeling this strong pull to work with Kassi. 

Kassi showed me so many tools that got me through those hard moments when I usually would have given up. Working with her allowed me to question my patterns and choices in a healthy way and to see where I could change things. Some of the techniques she taught me I still use every single day. I'm about to finish my 200 hour yoga teacher training and I hope to teach gentle movement classes with a focus in honoring yourself and your healing. I am forever grateful to Kassi and I would not be who I am or where I am without her work."

- Jenn S., yoga teacher in training, Maryland


"When I started working with Kassi, I had no idea what to expect or what I would get out of it, but after my abortion, I just knew I needed to do something to figure out the path through my grief and complicated feelings. Right away, I could tell that Kassi is tough, compassionate, full of wisdom, and made of awesome! She's relatable—and she understands the weirdness of the South and equally the weirdness of the Northeast when it comes to talking about sex topics.

I've experienced huge shifts in my relationships with my husband, my mother, my friends--and, surprisingly, my professional life. 

I see everything more clearly now. Anxiety and depression are lifting. I've overcome fears. Speaking your truth is a beautiful and scary and freeing thing."

- Hannah Hammond, Actor & Theatre Professor, North Carolina