Spiritual Experiments: Week 4 - Grief

Concepts To Remember

Grieving is hard, but grief makes you STRONG, BADASS, WISE, and UNSTOPPABLE. We fear loss, changes, and choices because we are afraid of grief. Once you grieve, you stop being afraid of grief. And you stop being afraid of loss, change, and choice. So grieve, Wonder Women! 

Look for ways you are a grief cop -- perfect, that's your access point to your own grief.

Take note of what you do to avoid grief -- pick up your cell phone, open the fridge, guzzle vodka, talk politics, chase sex, watch television, etc? Whatever you do, notice your tendency and use it as another perfect access point to grief.

Pick out something to represent your object of grief.

Many of you are grieving abstract or diffuse experiences or beings. In order to give yourself something to hold onto as you grieve, choose something to represent at least one loss, change, or choice you are grieving this week.


A feather.

A marble egg.

A photograph or ultrasound photo.

An image.

A notebook.

Would you like to name your loss? 

Some of you will want to name a baby (or babies). If this speaks to you, feel free to give your baby/babies a name. It was yours. Don't let anyone or any fear take this sacred experience from you.

* If you would like to do this part of the exercise, but you also have fear around doing it, please feel free to use the fear exercise.

Trigger grief on purpose.

Listen to a song. 

Look at old photographs. 

Write about the day of your abortion. 

Be around grievers.

Writing Exercises

What do you feel you lost when you chose to have an abortion?

How did you change afterward?

How did your perspective change?

If you believe a death was involved with your abortion, what has it been like to live with this?

What will you put into place to make sure you continue grieving, even when it's hard? 

If you ruled the world, how would your abortion be honored? Describe the situation in detail. For example, if there would be a ritual, who would attend? Who would lead? What would they say? What would you say? What would happen?