[Wonder Women: if you were not on the call this past Monday, you might find it helpful to listen to our conversation for context.]


*** Watch the Facebook group for a place to be accountable this week. *** 

  1. What is the #1 thing that breaks your heart about your abortion experience? The thing you do not want anyone else to have to go through ever again?

  2. What did you need throughout your experience with abortion (or beforehand or afterward, if applicable) that would have made everything easier? (Anything. Feel free to trace this back to early childhood. No time limitations.)

  3. If you could do ONE THING to heal this aspect of the world, what would it be?

  4. What's standing in the way of your doing this ONE THING?

  5. What are you going to do about it?

  6. Action Steps: write down 3 things you will do to carry out your tikkun olam path.

  7. When are you going to start? Please write down the date and time.


*** Watch the Facebook group for a place to be accountable this week. *** 

1. What was your ultimate goal, coming into RAA? Have you achieved it?

2-A. If you have not accomplished your ultimate goal, here's your assignment:

What's stopping you? Write it down. 

What are you going to do about it? Write it down.

When are you going to accomplish your ultimate goal? Write down the date and time.

Go ahead and post what date and time you will accomplish the goal in the Facebook group. Be accountable. Kick ass. 

2-B. If you have accomplished your ultimate goal, congratulations! Here's your assignment: 

What else would you like to accomplish toward your freedom, confidence, and peace of mind between now and next Monday?

Write it down.

When will you accomplish this? What date and time? 

To you, as well: post when you will accomplish the goal in the Facebook group. Be accountable. Kick ass. 


YES, we will have a ritual during the last session. Thank you for all your amazing input! Here's everything you need to do and to know:

Rewrite your abortion story. In this version, you are the heroine. You are writing your own heroine's journey. You may start the story wherever you feel inspired to begin, even many years before the abortion(s), and end the story as far after your abortion(s) as you feel inspired to do. But be sure, in the end, to tell us your tikkun olam. Heroine, how will you heal the world? Look through the eyes of your highest self, the one who sees you kicking motherfucking ass on this planet. Be ready to share 2 minutes of this story with the circle. Please do time yourself reading before you come to the group.  

Write your personal manifesto. Based on all that you have discovered about yourself and your experience, as well as your new toolkit, write your personal manifesto for revolutionizing your everyday life. For an example, check out pages 261 and 262 of May Cause Love.

List all that you want to bury and leave behind. For example: fears, feelings, unforgiving thoughts, false stories about yourself and your life, false stories about others, false stories about "the way things are," negative behavior patterns, dark beliefs, whatever you want. Bring it! Be specific!

1. Wear white and red to the ritual on Monday.

RED to symbolize blood, power, love, fire, sex, rage, desire, radiance, and action. 

WHITE to symbolize our collective inner goddess, who brings the red to fruition.

Feel free to go all out. Wigs, gowns, false eyelashes. Do you! This is your abortion ritual.

2. Bring to the ritual:

- A candle. Your Dolly candle if you wish! Or you can buy a plain white tall candle and tape a picture of your personal high priestess on the front, be it Mary Magdalene, Beyonce, or Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Someone who reminds you to call on your most powerful and peaceful self.

- Something sweet to taste. (Beets, for example.)

- Something bitter to taste. (Wasabi, for example.)

- Onion to taste.

- A fig to taste.

- Chocolate to taste.

- Your list of WHAT YOU ARE BURYING AND LEAVING BEHIND. (Choose a one-minute highlight reel. That's 60 seconds. Please time yourself before the ritual.

- Your HEROINE'S JOURNEY that ends with how you will heal the world. (Choose a two-minute highlight reel. That's 120 seconds. Please time yourself before the ritual.

- Your new MANIFESTO to read out loud. (Choose a minute-and-a-half highlight reel. That's 90 seconds. Please time yourself before the ritual.)

3. Please darken the room from which you are joining us. 

*** Please be sure to RSVP. ***