Spiritual Experiments WEEK 5: Follow Your Gut

Concepts To Remember

Following your gut does not serve the patriarchy and is not for sheep, so be prepared to rebel against the status quo in more ways than you can imagine.

The goal is to live 100% by your intuition.

The secret to making a decision: There is no such thing as a decision! You either follow your gut, or you don't.

Following your gut is non-rational.

Nobody can hear your intuition for you.

Two things stand in the way of your intuition: fearful thoughts and unforgiving thoughts. 

Fearful thoughts look like: anxiety, stress, doubt, denial, lying, white lies, pretending, etc.

Unforgiving thoughts look like: anger, judgment, jealousy, envy, superiority, inferiority, etc.

Your gut *always* speaks to you; if you think you can't hear it, you probably just don't like the answer.

A daily grief practice prepares you to follow your gut.

How do you know you've chosen incorrectly? You are not at peace (even if you look "good").

How do you know you've chosen correctly? You are at peace (even you look "bad," even if there is chaos).

Each time we deny the commands of our intuition, we dull it. (Read that 3X.)

To Follow Your Gut (AKA Be Your Own Psychic), Do This


Carve out several hours to devote to this practice, just so you can have the experience of going all the way through it one time. Light a candle. Pour yourself a glass of water. Pull up your meditation cushion (a couch cushion will do!). Gather your notebook, a pen, all the supplies you need. Sink in.

#1. Identify a question you want to answer for yourself or a "decision" you need to make.

#2. List the salient fears surrounding the question or "decision."  

Usual suspects:

People will think X.

My parents will think Y.

I'll end up Z.

Being found out. 

Being judged.

Being wrong.

Not being loved.

Being loved.

Being misunderstood.

Being broke.

Being rich.

Being alone.

Being with people.

Being unhappy.

Being happy.





Not having the life or future I want.

Getting what I want.

#3. List any associated manifestations of anger or resentment. 


If you are deciding whether to tell a specific person about your abortion, or to have a deeper conversation about it, definitely write a forgiveness exercise about that person, even if you don't think you have any negative feelings toward them. 

If you are answering a question making a decision involving a person, be sure to do the forgiveness exercise around them.

#4. Complete the fear process. (Answer the 8 Questions and do the Love Rehearsal For Fear meditation.)

#5. Complete the forgiveness process. (Answer the 8 Questions and do the Divine Forgiveness meditation.)

#6. Meditate for at least one minute, using the open-eye meditation we practice in class to clear your mind. 

#7. Do the guided meditation titled "Follow Your Gut" below. 

#8. Actually do what your gut tells you to do.

If you are afraid, return to the fear exercise and meditation; share with the group; and then do it even though you are afraid. Don't wait for the fear to go away.

NOTE: You will not *always* have to do such a long process. If you commit to use this process a few time a week, your thought forms will reach new heights. Living by intuition will become your natural way of thinking. But right now, you are building your intuitional musculature, so it's important to go at this practice full-throttle.


BONUS: 10 Ways To Heighten Your Intuition

#1. Kick your addictions. Check out the bottom of this page on my website for a list of resources I love.

***Even if you don't have an addiction, consider defining what "sobriety" means to you around alcohol, drugs, weed, money, sex, work, codependency, food, and technology.

#2. Get sugar out of your life. Even fake sugar. Bye, sugar.

#3. Meditate every single morning... before you check your phone, email, the news, or make calls.

#4. Pray.

#5. Do not lie.

#6. Do Morning Pages.

#7. Get enough sleep, but do not obsess about getting enough sleep.

#8. Keep your word.

#9. Drink water, ideally with a fluoride filter.

#10. If you feel moved, practice A Course in Miracles. Start the Workbook.