If you secretly feel like you're going crazy. If you want to talk about your abortion, but you don't know how to start. If you want to heal, but can't stand the word "heal." If you hear popular ideas about abortion and womanhood and self-help, and you think: something ain't right. If you've got something to say. If you've got a nagging sensation that you were born to be a force of nature.

If any of the above applies to you, welcome to the club. Revolution After Abortion is an original training seminar designed for women who have experienced abortion.

We will not stage a talk therapy circle; this is not a workshop or a storytelling event, though you will have opportunities to share your experience. Through a series of lectures based on her book, May Cause Love (HarperCollins), and thousands of hours of unreleased research conducted during her time at Columbia and Harvard universities as both a professor and a graduate student, Kassi will lead you on a four-day journey beyond the political and social context around abortion in which so many of us have felt silenced, ignored, and stuck. We will identify the misleading influence of the political system, the medical industry, the media, and certain self-help ideologies on our livesand then we'll turn it all on its head. This seminar is designed to help participants integrate an experience with abortion and feel like the forces of nature they came here to be. It's not just about healing; it's about living an extraordinary life. 

In just four days...

You will talk about your abortion with anyone in the world.  

You will be seen and heard in a global sisterhood and siblinghood.

You will create a new concept for connecting to your own pregnancy without shame or guilt (for those who experience them).

You will be equipped to handle any thought or emotion you experience.

You will deepen your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your lovers, and your haters.

You will have a breakthrough in at least one other area of your life that you choose. 

You will discover your own original vision for living an extraordinary life. 

You will emerge with next steps to realize your vision and a supportive community of women to midwife your dreams into reality.

If all that sounds ridiculous, we get it, and we'll do our best to blow you away.

A sampling of the itinerary:

  • Live coaching based on loving principles from A Course in Miracles
  • Lectures based on thousands of hours of unreleased material from researching May Cause Love
  • A yoga series designed just for you, a badass woman with a bigass heart, by instructor Melissa Shah (perfect for all levels)
  • Guided meditations (perfect for people who despise guided and unguided meditations alike)
  • Lots more surprises and adventures!

Within two months of the seminar, Kassi will schedule two group coaching calls in order to answer follow-up questions.

Want to come?

Yeah, you do!

Revolution After Abortion: The Pilot Seminar.
12:15 p.m. May 11th - 3 p.m. May 14th
New York City.

This special opportunity is the seminar before the seminar. We slashed the cost by 72%. Then we took another $100 off for an early bird special.

Why does the May seminar cost less than the June seminar?

We'll be tuning up the material and layout and requesting your honest feedback with surveys. The pilot seminar is ideal for participants who prefer a cozier group size and feel nourished by helping to shape the event for the next group of women. Also included:

  • Permanent access to Kassi Underwood's lectures, live coaching, and meditations, Melissa Shah's yoga series, and guest speakers from the June event
  • Additional resources provided at the seminar

$350 for a limited time. 

Two Monthly Payments Plan Option Available

Revolution After Abortion: The Seminar.
June 22nd - June 25th
New York City.

The first official seminar is packed with the same diamonds and jewels from The Pilot Seminar, plus:

  • World renowned rebel woman speakers on spiritual practice and holistic health. Check back in May for a special announcement about speakers.
  • Special guests
  • Up to five times the participants
  • Permanent access to videos of the sessions, including Kassi Underwood's lectures, live coaching, and guided meditations, Melissa Shah's yoga series, and the guest speakers 

$999 for a limited time.

4 Biweekly Payments Plan Option Available. 


We get super psyched that you're joining us, is what happens next! We'll be in touch via email with more information about the event location, nearby hotels, an Airbnb link, and other details so you'll feel equipped and prepared to spend time in New York City. 


If you would like to share the cost of a hotel room or Airbnb with another attendee and need us to connect you with someone, email kassi [at] kassiunderwood [dot] com with the subject line: Roommate at RAA. Tell us about yourself: name, age, town, occupation, smoker/non, and any other details you'd want a roommate to know. We'll do our best to connect you with someone.


We'll make every effort for you to join us. For information about payment plans, please email kassi [at] kassiunderwood [dot] com with the subject line: Payment Plans.


Please email kassi [at] kassiunderwood [dot] com with the subject line Scholarships for more information.


Anyone can sponsor a scholarship fund, even if they are not coming to the event. To purchase a scholarship to make it possible for a woman to attend Revolution After Abortion, please click the "Get Tickets" button for the seminar of your choice and pay out as usual. On the registration form, enter your own information and indicate that you are funding a scholarship. Thank you so much for your generosity. It'll mean the world to someone.

To all the Revolutionaries: see you in May or June!