If you need a spark, Kassi is the whole fire. She’s part storyteller, part spiritual teacher, part performance artist, and part something else entirely. She puts a modern (and often funny) twist on ancient spiritual wisdom that disrupts the status quo everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom.


Kassi is like no other, a compelling and clarifying voice in the sea of self-help sameness. Her talks are an incredible combo platter of real-world truths, personal proof, and step by step guidance on how to help you get out from under. She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you squirm, she’ll make you think. But most importantly, she’ll motivate you to act.



BE YOUR FUTURE SELF NOW (Kassi’s signature workshop)

First developed at Harvard Innovation Labs, this high-energy event regularly leaves participants talking about its “groundbreaking” and “magical” effects, equipping them with power-tools to get real and feel confident and peaceful as they step into a future self. Wherever you are in your life, whatever problem you want to solve, even if you’re trying to deepen a capacity you already have, this workshop creates the quantum leap you need. Attendees will be live-coached through Kassi’s signature exercise from The Practice and guided through meditations and dance moves. *Exclusive 24/7 access to guided meditations for all attendees.

Run time: 1-3 hours
Perfect for: Workshops; wellness events; yoga, wellness, film, tech, music, or women’s festivals, luxury retreats, corporate retreats; business schools; meditation events
Audience size: 20 - 20,000


A mind-blowing transformational experience with practical tools that attendees will enjoy as they watch the patriarchy fall. This version of Kassi’s signature event offers a radical edge and an energizing way to think about action, not just as we enter the 2020 election season, but as we step over the threshold of an entirely new era of humanity. Expect: live-coaching through Kassi’s signature exercise from The Practice; guided meditation; guided dancing, hilarity, realness. *Exclusive 24/7 access to guided meditations for all attendees.

Run time: 1-3 hours
Perfect for: Workshops, wellness events; political activism, women’s, yoga, wellness, film, tech, or music festivals, activist retreats; progressive organizations; progressive corporate retreats
Audience size: 20 - 20,000


As the first-ever Meditation Advisor at Harvard Innovation Labs of Harvard Business School, founder of The Practice, and CEO of her own business, Kassi draws on her rich experience and expertise in her signature event, tailored for those dealing with the stresses of work, the looming burnout, and the struggle to find balance. Attendees will be equipped with an easy one-minute meditation practice they can do anywhere; a power-tool to overcome any form of stress or anxiety for the rest of their lives; and a surprising secret of peace of mind. *Exclusive 24/7 access to guided meditations for all attendees.

Run time: 1-3 hours
Perfect for: Executive teams; entrepreneurs; corporate teams; organizations; business schools; colleges and graduate programs
Audience size: 6 - 2,000


People who’ve experienced abortion are portrayed alternately as victims or villains; we are expected to feel either devastated or empowered; to regret our choices or to rejoice in them; to feel silenced and ashamed or to shout it from the rooftops. This retreat is a no bullshit zone: the truth is wiser, more intelligent, and more powerful than the dominant stories being told. Transformational and intimate (no matter how many people are in attendance), this event is premised on compassion, truth, and human connection—anything less doesn’t get through the door.

As the author of May Cause Love, creator of Revolution After Abortion online (with members in three countries), and nearly a decade’s experience in coaching and counseling people who have experienced abortion, Kassi provides laser-sharp tools that promote peace of mind, freedom, confidence, and inner revolution. At this retreat, Kassi offers The Practice in its entirety, custom-designed for those who have walked through this choice, and recognizes the treasure trove of wisdom within each one of us because we’ve experienced abortion. Kassi guides each participant to unearth the unique wisdom they now possess as they discover peace of mind and an entirely new way to think about their experiences. *Participants will have private continued contact with one another long after the event and be equipped with 24/7 lifetime access to multiple guided meditations offered through The Practice

Run time: 2-5 days *The run time can be significantly reduced under very specific circumstances
Perfect for: women and non-binary people who have experienced abortion firsthand; wellness retreat centers; can be tailored for those who work in the reproductive health and justice field
Audience size: 12 - 250


Each talk or keynote is tailored to the audience.

conditioning ourselves for the revolution

It’s time for the creatives, activists, and healers among us to shine a light on the inevitable new paradigm of truth, vitality, and peace. The daily spiritual practice is how the revolution begins. In this provocative talk, author and activist Kassi delivers a no bullshit call to action for audiences to get in peak mental and spiritual condition to create the transformation we need. “If you want to be a disrupter, a maverick, a revolutionary, you’ve gotta get ahold of your mind before you get ahold of your cell phone,” she says. Kassi offers concrete tools for the audience to access their most powerful selves and to step into their greatness as we collectively give birth to a revolution of love.

Perfect for: keynote; wellness events; yoga, wellness, music, entertainment festivals; women’s conferences; colleges and graduate programs; political conferences; progressive spiritual communities

how to heal from anything

About the exact steps to recover from anything, grounded in Kassi’s story of freedom in her bestselling book, May Cause Love (HarperCollins)—and why the future of humanity depends on our healing. 

Perfect for: keynote; wellness events; yoga, wellness, music, entertainment festivals; women’s and political conferences; addiction recovery audiences; mental health advocacy groups


We all need to “get sober” from something. This talk is like a cold glass of water splashed in your face: surprising, refreshing, strangely rejuvenating, and a little bit funny. As the first-ever Mediation Advisor at Harvard Innovation Labs and founder of The Practice, with more than a decade of sobriety under her belt, Kassi offers concrete takeaways to inspire people to be game-changers in their own lives.

Perfect for: keynote; addiction recovery audiences; corporate audiences; entrepreneurship conferences; cutting-edge businesses and companies; wellness festivals; film, literary, music, and other creative retreats and festivals; colleges and graduate programs; influencer and high profile groups under pressure


We should be alarmed that so many people walk around in public without having meditated each morning. It’s dangerous as fuck. No wonder we live in a panicky, anxiety-ridden, overthinking culture where freakouts and meltdowns have become the norm. In this talk, Kassi shares her funny and inspiring story of going from meditation skeptic to Harvard Innovation Labs’ first-ever Meditation Advisor, activating people of all walks of life to start a one-minute morning meditation practice—or to deepen the practice they’ve already got—so that they can come to know themselves as the peaceful, focused, unstoppable forces of nature they came here to be.

Perfect for: keynote; leadership conferences; colleges; burnt-out teams in need of vital rejuvenation; spiritual communities; groups that would benefit from practical tools and guidance; corporate audiences of all kinds; groups that are new to meditation and practices; addiction recovery audiences; influencers and high profile groups under pressure