"I'm so glad this book exists. Rarely do we get to see a woman wrestling so honestly and openly with the complicated nature of what it means to have a choice." 

SARAH HEPOLA, New York Times bestselling author of Blackout

"Underwood wrote the book she had been longing for as a young woman. Full of rich emotions and excellent storytelling, Underwood's memoir of strength and healing reads almost like fiction. (It is also full of accurate medical and scientific research.) Underwood's spiritual journey explores several religions, making her experience more available to any reader. This will be an excellent resource for anyone struggling with an abortion or miscarriage, or for readers seeking to better understand those who have.

BOOKLIST, starred review!

"A profoundly compelling and necessary book. While reading May Cause Love, I found myself continually shocked that such a book has not already been written, that this experience shared by so many women in this country is not already available in myriad variations in every bookstore in America. But thank God a writer of such talent has finally told it; I can't imagine a more honest and thoughtful treatment of this subject." 

MELISSA FEBOS, author of Whip Smart and Abandon Me

"Completely audacious, in the most incredible way—imagine not only not apologizing for owning your own soul, but demanding to be transported to a higher plane. It was so refreshing and illuminating to read about abortion in these terms." 

KERRY CLARE, author of Mitzi Bytes 

"Hip, hilarious, and poignant—as well as politically astute." 

SUSAN SHAPIRO, New York Times bestselling author of Unhooked and Five Men Who Broke My Heart

"A poignant memoir... The author shines a personal light on the dilemma that women face when they have to juggle their own needs and desires with a biological accident that has the power to completely change their lives, whether they birth the child or not." 


"An instant classic for a new generation of feminists. With wisdom, compassion, and clarity, May Cause Love is a blazing arc of hope that points us to deeper questions about abortion and God—and more than a few radiant answers." 

LEAH VINCENT, author of Cut Me Loose

"An extraordinary contribution, an extended hand inviting more of those who wish to share into the abortion storytelling space. May Cause Love is a powerful narrative for those who support abortion rights, people who call themselves 'pro-life,' and those who don't know where they fall or how they feel." 


'No matter which side of the abortion debate you're on, Kassi Underwood will challenge your beliefs." 


"Graceful in its example of how someone can turn a painful experience into a moment of inclusive activism." 


"Brave and Unsparing. Underwood travels through uncharted and harrowing waters...


"The 16 Best Nonfiction Books Coming In February


"Underwood is a master storyteller. Her voice is clear and honest. Her words are hopeful, realistic, heartfelt, and at times gut-wrenching. She speaks from the top of the mountain, after having made the journey to the center of the earth." 




In 2017, Kassi is offering a seminar for people who have experienced abortion. Want more information? Please click HERE, scroll down, and join the confidential mailing list.  

Photo credit: Silvia Mazzocchin/Harvard Gazette

Photo credit: Silvia Mazzocchin/Harvard Gazette

Kassi Underwood grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, the Atlantic online, The Rumpus, Refinery29, and Guernica. She holds an MFA from Columbia University, where she taught for three years on the faculty of the Undergraduate Writing Program. She speaks about personal transformation, the spirituality of abortion, and social justice. She has lectured at colleges nationwide, addressed religious communities, and appeared as a guest on MSNBC, Fusion, and HuffPost Live. A masters student at Harvard Divinity School, she lives with her husband in Cambridge, Massachusetts.