Welcome to the May Cause Love Community.

May Cause Love is just the beginning. The outpouring of women who have reached out, craving a space and community where they can share their experience with abortion is exactly what Kassi and the May Cause Love team were hoping for.

The book has struck a chord for many women seeking to share their experiences of abortion and we want to celebrate the diversity of experiences, the range of emotions, and own them. What a woman experiences before, during, and after an abortion is a human experience – not a political one, and we also think growth comes from sharing authentic experiences with one another.

So. Share.

Where does the community live? On Facebook, join us on Kassi Underwood's page. Tell us who you are and share your experience. We will embrace you, we will support you, and we will walk with you on your journey.

The May Cause Love team is also looking for bold community leaders to help carry the message of the book and the movement. We will gladly explore how you can play a role – email us: maycauselove@gmail.com.