**Offer Ends Friday, April 20, 2017** 

  • $297 for a 1.5 hour breakthrough coaching session (33% off regular price of $250/hour), but no one is turned away if they cannot pay.
  • Sessions take place on the phone. For Boston-area clients or those who wish to travel to Cambridge, in-person sessions are available.
  • Insurance not accepted.
  • You can schedule your session between now and April 24. 

10% of all proceeds will be donated to the scholarship fund for the Revolution After Abortion seminar.

Kassi's Coaching Style

The road of healing after abortion is the road to your wildest dreams. But it can also be strewn with booby traps. So let's just put it out in the open right now: Kassi respects your freedom, your pain, and your path. She knows it's all more complex than the articles your relatives post on Facebook. It is both her belief and her experience that healing around abortion works when it is completely shame-free, deep, personalized, practical, meaningful, and fun (yeah: fun!). Whether you had an abortion yesterday morning or forty-five years ago, one abortion or many, Kassi will listen with compassion and hold you to the highest vision of yourself. Once you feel confident that she understands the events surrounding your abortion, your current situation in life (including what's not working for you), pertinent facts about your history, and what you want out of the session, she will tell you what she believes you can break through. The success of the session depends on the depth of your honesty and your willingness to bust out of your comfort zone. Coddling and sugarcoating stand in the way of transformative results, so none of that goes down in these sessions. Kassi's approach shakes up the existing paradigm and asks you to see your life and your possibilities for freedom, connection, and joy in a new context. 

About Kassi

Kassi is a Harvard-trained counselor who taught writing on the faculty of the Undergraduate Writing Program at Columbia University. Her journey after abortion laid the foundation for her new book, May Cause Love, described by one reviewer as "the Eat Pray Love of abortion memoirs." The story is powered by seven years of immersive research on healing, transformation, and ritual around pregnancy termination as she sought an elevated state of consciousness and a tribe of women. Kassi has given public talks about abortion since 2011; relevant topics include creating authentic connections with the people we love, the power of ritual, 30-second practices of grief, and 5-minute practices for peace of mind. In 2013, she traveled across the United States on a yearlong tour to teach deep listening and personal storytelling with Exhale, the award-winning pro-voice abortion counseling talkline. She has more than a decade of experience with daily meditation and universal spiritual practices of love and personal responsibility. Her coaching services have been available by word of mouth for half a decade, during which time she has worked with women in breakthrough sessions and long term personal development. Just as she wrote the book she wanted to read, Kassi delivers the coaching she wanted to find. 



"I terminated my pregnancy five years ago. I was 18. There was no one that I felt would relate, no one I felt safe enough to talk about it with, and there seemed to be nothing that would fill how empty I felt. The word "abortion" made my stomach turn every time I heard it. I accepted it was just going to be a painful secret forever...and then I was introduced to Kassi and started reading May Cause Love. Working with Kassi over these past several months has gotten me started on my own journey of healing. I have been able to talk about my own experience with Kassi, reassured that I am not alone in this, and allow myself to feel emotions I had thought I wanted to avoid. She helped me come up with new ways to think about my experience, and new ways to cope with emotions that come up. Through talking, writing, mediation, and prayer, working with Kassi has supported me while I work through a lot of the feelings I buried. I feel like I now have constructive solutions to any negative feelings that come up. So grateful to be on this journey of recovery and healing—I hope that anyone who has had this experience feels encouraged and supported to start their own journey as well." —Laura H., 23, Junior Accountant & Office Manager, New Hampshire

"Kassi is your spiritual counselor and priestess, the epitome of the wise-friend type, the first person you think of when you need advice."
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