Clients who have experienced abortion frequently work with me:

to finally talk to partner(s), friends, and family about the abortion(s)

to make troubling thoughts and feelings disappear

to stop having nightmares and sleep soundly

to learn miraculous tools to transform emotions, like anger toward exes (or entire towns) and guilt

to practice "30 seconds of grief"

to write true personal abortion stories, with no fear of judgment

to learn how to meditate and to pray with seemingly magical results

to make permanent changes that promote freedom and power 

to experience breakthroughs in romance, relationships, career, and creativity 

to be authentic and self-expressed, without holding back

FREE: Getting Real to Heal, a 30-minute phone consultation

$250: Turning Truth into Power, a 90-minute phone coaching session

$150: The Flying Woman, a 60-minute phone coaching session for clients

For financial assistance, please email kassi [at] kassiunderwood [dot] com


"I terminated my pregnancy five years ago. I was 18. There was no one that I felt would relate, no one I felt safe enough to talk about it with, and there seemed to be nothing that would fill how empty I felt. The word "abortion" made my stomach turn every time I heard it. I accepted it was just going to be a painful secret forever...and then I was introduced to Kassi and started reading May Cause Love. Working with Kassi got me started on my own journey of healing. I have been able to talk about my own experience, feel reassured that I am not alone in this, and allow myself to feel emotions I had thought I wanted to avoid. Kassi helped me come up with new ways to think about my experience, and new ways to cope with emotions that come up. Through talking, writing, meditation, and prayer, working with Kassi supported me while I worked through a lot of the feelings I buried. I now have constructive solutions to any negative feelings that come up. So grateful to be on this journey of recovery and healing—I hope that anyone who has had this experience feels encouraged and supported to start their own journey as well." —Laura H., 23, Junior Accountant & Office Manager, New Hampshire

"Kassi is your spiritual counselor and priestess, the epitome of the wise-friend type, the first person you think of when you need advice."
—Liza Monroy, author of Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon To Be On Fire: Essays




Hey there. I'm Kassi, a Harvard-trained spiritual coach. My own journey after abortion laid the foundation for my coaching practice. My new book, May Cause Love, was described by one reviewer as "the Eat Pray Love of abortion memoirs." The book contains seven years of research and immersive journalism on healing, transformation, and ritual around abortion. I've given public talks about abortion, wellness, and personal development since 2011; some of my favorite topics include relationships, the power of ritual, 30-second practices of grief, and practices for peace of mind. In 2013, after completing an intensive training program with Exhale, the award-winning pro-voice abortion counseling talkline, I traveled across the United States on a yearlong tour to teach deep listening and personal storytelling. I was a professor of writing at Columbia University for three years. Next I began theological studies at Harvard with a focus on counseling and women healers. I have more than a decade of experience with daily meditation and universal spiritual practices of love and personal responsibility. My coaching services have been available by word of mouth for half a decade. I've worked with dozens of women like you in breakthrough sessions and long term personal development so they can live an extraordinary life after abortion.