for women who find themselves at a turning point in life and want to hit the gas.

experience breakthroughs in career, romance, abortion, spirituality, creativity, and/or freedom of mind 

feel equipped to handle anything that comes your way

release troubling thoughts

learn miraculous tools to transform emotions, like anger toward exes (or entire towns)

make permanent changes that promote power and freedom

be authentic and self-expressed, without holding back


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1. A brief confidential registration form. You'll share your story and background with meand tell me anything else you'd like me to know before we meet.

2. A 30-minute private session to give you a sense of what it's like to work with me.




1.     Confidential Clarity Questionnaire. Sit down and hydrate for this one. It’s long, because you've lived a whole life and I want to know just about everything in order to individualize your session. Discover yourself, your past, and your future.

2.     90-minute private coaching session via Skype or phone.

3.     A Personalized Spiritual Action Plan. 

4.     Worksheets.

5.     30-minute follow-up session.




(for clients who have completed Getting Real To Heal)


1.     A brief intake form so I can customize our session.

2.     60-minute private coaching session to build on your accomplishments in the previous session(s).

3.     A Spiritual Experiment. This action plan builds on what you've begun to create in our work together.

4.     Worksheets and other resources where applicable.


If you would like to book recurring appointments, an 8-session package is available for $1200.



A confidential personal development course, customized to hit your specific transformation goals. 

(Common themes: love, money, career-changes, and major decisions.)


1. A proposal for your development, based on your goals and desires. It arrives in your inbox within 48 hours of your free consultation. (The proposal is a living document that is open to revision as we forge ahead.) 

2. One Getting Real to Heal Session, including the 30-minute follow-up.

3. Eight sessions to complete your individualized curriculum, with worksheets and spiritual experiments each week.

4. A bonus Creative Career session, customized to meet your career and creativity goals.

5. Unlimited email access.






I bring a decade of personal experience with and research on healing, transformation, and community from my new book, May Cause Love, to coaching sessions. At Harvard Divinity School, I was trained in spiritual counseling, trauma and resilience, and the power of women healers from Mary Madgalene to present day priestesses. I have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of women in breakthrough sessions and long term personal development so they can live an extraordinary life.


"I began working with Kassi at a dark time in my life when everything had turned upside down. I initially had some trepidations about working with a 'coach,' especially one who employed spiritual solutions for real problems. Aren't I a self-sufficient rationalist?! I soon learned that the frameworks Kassi applies are adaptable to anyone, of any belief (or non-belief) system.

Kassi not only coached me through the new set of circumstances I was facing, but also challenged me to confront the root issues that had been holding me back. I unraveled and discarded some limiting narratives about love, family, and work. As a result of developing a meditation practice and a practical spiritual life—both of which were totally foreign to me Before Kassi ("B.K.")—I now have a relationship with a very awesome partner. 

Kassi is hilarious, wise, reliable, nonjudgmental, and inspiring, and has a singular ability to cut through my BS to get to the heart of the matter. I relish our sessions and look forward to them throughout the week. I feel generally more plugged into my life and the world around me, and have been able to pass on some of Kassi's insights and practical tools to others. She has given me strategies for dealing with problems as they arise, and the capacity to dream bigger. 

Kassi will hold your feet to the fire with so much love and conviction in your powers that you will be thrilled and exhilarated to walk through that fire alongside her. I recommend enthusiastically Kassi to anyone who wants to do the hard work of excavating baggage and to feel the relief that comes from letting that shit go."

—Elizabeth Greenwood, New York City, author of Playing Dead: A Journey Through The World of Death Fraud

"I terminated my pregnancy five years ago. I was 18. There was no one that I felt would relate, no one I felt safe enough to talk about it with, and there seemed to be nothing that would fill how empty I felt. The word "abortion" made my stomach turn every time I heard it. I accepted it was just going to be a painful secret forever...and then I was introduced to Kassi and started reading May Cause Love.

Working with Kassi got me started on my own journey of healing. I have been able to talk about my own experience, feel reassured that I am not alone in this, and allow myself to feel emotions I had thought I wanted to avoid. Kassi helped me come up with new ways to think about my experience, and new ways to cope with my emotions. I now have constructive solutions to any negative feelings that come up. I hope that anyone who has had this experience feels encouraged and supported to start their own journey as well."

—Laura H., New Hampshire, Junior Accountant & Office Manager

"Two hours with Kassi Underwood could change your life."

—Victoria K., Boston, Writer

"Kassi is your spiritual counselor and priestess, the epitome of the wise-friend type, the first person you think of when you need advice."

—Liza Monroy, Santa Cruz, CA, author of Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon To Be On Fire: Essays